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I'm Hayden; & this seems to be a never ending rabbit hole.


ppl who constantly radiate bad vibes are so exhausting like how are you always so that way

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Anonymous asked: Wow Hayden you are fucking perfect . I kinda just really want you and your sexy ass body!



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Anonymous asked: How come you don't answer your questions :(


I do

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My backyard is almost finished

My backyard is almost finished

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<p dir="ltr">last night I experienced a frightening reminder of losing my brother to suicide.&nbsp; One of my roommates had been very upset with his girlfriend and threatened to kill himself. Police and paramedics were called and he is okay. I can't tell you that we don't all go through pain and heartbreaking experiences, but in those times when you feel like you are loosing all hope think about your loved ones. Think about how happy your mom was when she brought you into the world. Even if it isn't your family. There are people that love you. </p>
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Jaws (1975)Steven Spielberg


Jaws (1975)
Steven Spielberg

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Crustydoll is my fuckin f a v her post will make you happy or sad I haven&#8217;t decided yet

Crustydoll is my fuckin f a v her post will make you happy or sad I haven’t decided yet

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im going to be a clown for Halloween, so ive been on google looking up creepy, vintage clown makeup ideas

I want to be a creepy clown <3 I already have the clothes, so that also makes it easy.

my normal, everyday looks are clown mixed with cute babydoll =)

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